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About G-Men Enterprises Corporation

Company Overview and Background

G-Men Enterprises Corporation

GEC is an international consulting group that focuses on new and cutting edge technologies. We do this by combining technological innovation, forward-looking business strategies, and management services with the market-leading systems of our strategic partners to create high-value business solutions. We are representatives for several companies worldwide and bring deep vertical market expertise to help clients in telecommunications, finance, insurance, healthcare, federal, state and local government, and utilities address the unique challenges they face.  

The results are more than solutions that increase revenues, enhance market share and improve efficiency. They are also solutions that help clients redefine their organization and their relationships with customers, suppliers, and even competitors to realize new business opportunities and succeed in the digital economy. Founded in the year 2000, GEC's history is one of growth, excellence, and commitment. The Executive staff has over 35 years combined in the Computer, Electronics & Telecommunications industry, over 20 years combined in the Legal, Financial & Medical industries and over 20 years in Military & Government industry.

Mission Statement

"G-Men Enterprises Corporation provides exceptional solutions that are able to add value to any industry or workplace environment. Because of our focus on total Quality Assurance, Research & Development and strict Software & Hardware qualifications with our Suppliers and Vendors, we are able to offer comprehensive solutions that streamline and resolve virtually any task in an efficient and cost effective manner."

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